In a private house, there is usually more space than in average apartments. It’s great when all your dreams can come true on such an area!

U-shaped olive kitchen

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Sliding doors added space and light, and a wood-burning stove in the corner became a real corner of comfort.

Wood burning stove

I’ve always wanted an island. With this piece of furniture in a spacious room, convenience reigns, because it can be installed close to the hob. Plus, we have a solid and solemn element of the interior.

Island in the middle of the room

The furniture layout is U-shaped, with a window in the center (total length 9 meters). Therefore, at the entrance there is a gas surface with a hood, next to the oven, and on the contrary – a built-in refrigerator and a tall pencil case nearby. Two high sections look compositionally more interesting than a single built-in refrigerator.

Kitchen with a window in the center

Everything is thought out very clearly – on the one hand, there are no upper cabinets (only the hood). Several small shelves on a white surface help with cooking, but at the same time they do not steal space and do not overload a free wall.

Dome hood

The opposite side is an upside-down C. These 2 wall cabinets bring life to the strict furniture geometry, and the illuminated niche is a must when working in the evening.

Facades MDF with enamel

The furniture row goes completely to the entire width of the wall. The rest of the space before the entrance was occupied by a retractable bottle holder. All sidewalls are sheathed with facade panels, as is the central row.

Green fronts with gray countertops

The steel sink fits nicely into the gray countertop with stone stains. And she, in turn, completely replaced the window sill. Tabletop from the company Ligron (thickness 38 mm). Material – artificial stone, gray marble color.

Table top from Ligron

Body – chipboard Egger 16 mm, light gray. The facades are neoclassical, with a frame (Aldo’s milling), but without other pretentious decor. The color of the headset is unusual – herbal, with an olive tint, very calm and unobtrusive. Coating – matte enamel NCS S 5010-G70Y (combination of green and yellow tones). The base is MDF 19 mm thick. The back side is also covered with matte enamel.

Facades with milling Aldo

Aged bronze Italian handles and buttons look great against the backdrop of olive facades. Together with a retro oven and a dome hood, they complete the harmonious picture of a cozy private home.

Dome hood

Our island with dimensions of 1800*1000 cm replaced the dining table. It is located strictly in the center and this is the first thing that catches your eye when you enter the room. As a decorative element, there is a niche where a floor vase fits.

Island in the middle of the room

Hinges with closers – Blum. Drawers – Hettich tandemboxes from the Innotech Atira series. Lifting mechanisms – BLUM Aventos HK TOP, all with closers.


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