Few people have not used a meat grinder at home to turn meat into minced meat. But with the help of this device, you can cook other dishes with the help of special nozzles. When buying a meat grinder, knowledgeable chefs pay special attention to the nozzles included in the package. One of them has the exotic name “kebbe”, and its functionality is useful not only for professionals. Let’s figure out what a kebbe attachment is and what role it plays in a meat grinder.

What is a kebbe nozzle

The device is intended for cooking various dishes from minced meat: sausages with filling, kebab, zraz. The name of the additional detail comes from the kebbe, a Lebanese dish of the same name. With the help of a device, the minced meat at the exit from the meat grinder turns into a tube.

The part in question is completed from two parts.

  1. A circle of standard diameter for the meat grinder outlet with an elongated rounded ledge.
  2. A truncated cone with a base of the same diameter for tightly fixing the device on the device.

Nozzles for kebab

How to choose a kebbe nozzle

Kibbeh confuser in use both mechanical and electric meat grinder. If such a nozzle was not included with the purchase of the device, the device can be purchased separately from a specialized store. The kits offered for sale can be plastic or metal.

Metal – the material is more durable and expensive, but requires careful maintenance. To prevent metal surfaces from rusting from excessive moisture, the confuser should be wiped dry after each use.

plastic nozzle cost less than metal. Its service life depends on the quality of the material used by the manufacturer. When choosing a fixture, pay attention to the smoothness and thickness of the surface. There should be no flaws in the form of cracks, burrs and chips on the body of the confuser. A Kebbe kit made of too thin plastic will quickly fail.

Installing the meat grinder

Installing the universal attachment consists of the following steps:

  • unscrew the fixing disk on the housing outlet;
  • remove the grate and knife from the shaft head;
  • attach confuser parts 1 and 2 to the shaft head;
  • screw on the fixing disk.

Nozzle Tips

Nozzles may vary in shape depending on the intended use.

Kebbe attachments

Cooking semi-finished products with the Kebbe nozzle requires skill. To get meat tubes of the same size, the operation is recommended to be carried out in four hands. One constantly reports the minced meat into the inlet of the meat grinder, the other monitors the tube crawling out of the nozzle and cuts sausages of the same length. It is also quickly required to fill the cavity with a pre-prepared filling.

I would like to note that already prepared minced meat is put into the meat grinder with the installed kebbe nozzle (the type of meat does not matter, it can even be vegetables).

If we use an electric meat grinder, then after laying the main product, we set the parameters for the length of the finished products. At the exit we get hollow sausages. Now we cook as desired, fry in a pan, or in the oven, cook in a double boiler. The filling also depends on your taste and preferences.

Hollow sausages


On the Internet, there are many detailed step-by-step recipes for preparing similar dishes with photos.. Let’s take the easiest one.

  1. Prepare four hundred grams of minced lamb or beef.
  2. Take 200 gr. small bulgur, couscous or rice (soaked in cold water for 10 minutes), one finely chopped onion, spices: ground pepper, chili and ground cinnamon (1/4 tsp).
  3. For the filling: 1 pack of room temperature butter, 1 tsp. ground cinnamon, salt, 80 gr. pine nuts (pre-roasted)
  4. Mix well-squeezed bulgur, onion and spices into minced meat along with lamb, keep in the refrigerator for about an hour.
  5. Prepare the filling: butter, mix with cinnamon, nuts and salt, put in the refrigerator.
  6. We pass the minced meat through a meat grinder with a kebbe nozzle, fill the resulting sausages with stuffing, close the edges. Cooking in the oven.

The kebbe attachment is a modern gadget for meat grinders, thanks to which you can please your loved ones with homemade sausage, Arabic cuisine. Kebbe is a simple and convenient device designed to improve the quality of our cooking skills.


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