A raclette maker is a household appliance for preparing the national Swiss dish called raclette. In the Alps, this is the name given to hard cheese with various fillings, melted in a special way. The raclette machine has a lot in common with fondue, but they are still different devices.

What is raclette

The word raclette comes from the verb raclette, which means “to scrape” in French. So they began to call the famous variety of hard Swiss cheese. And for the preparation of the traditional raclette dish, an electrical appliance called the raclette was designed.

rocket launcher

An electric household appliance for cooking dishes under cheese is called a raclette. The main purpose of the raclette dish is to soften the cheese when heated. The design of such a kitchen grill, as a rule, provides for two levels of panels. The top panel made of natural stone or metal, coated with a non-stick layer, is used for frying meat, fish, roasting vegetables. The lower level is a removable frying pan or stand with compartments for placing 2 to 8 serving pans in which the cheese is melted.

Raclette is most often used for quick preparation of hot breakfast dishes. The device will help out in the evening, when you need to whip up a delicious treat for unexpected guests. Widely used by hobbyists homemade “cheese” parties.

How the device works

The principle of operation of the raclette oven is similar to that used in electric frying pans and grills. On the back side of the frying surface of the device is located heating element, through which heat is supplied to the top panel itself and to the lower tier.

The thermal index of heating of the panel is stronger in the center and decreases closer to the edges. Accordingly, the necessary thermal power and the degree of readiness of the dish should be controlled. Meat and fish steaks for frying are recommended to be placed in the central part of the panel. Vegetables and other ingredients that do not require intense heat treatment are placed at the edges.

vegetables and chicken on a racket

It is convenient that the cooking device can be freely placed in the middle of the table, around which the household or friends will gather. Next to the raclette bowl, bowls with various cuts of raw foods, including cheese, as well as salt shakers with salt and other seasonings, and cutlery should be placed. Those seated at the table can choose your own product combinations and cheese for baking in personal frying pans. The device opens up opportunities for experimentation.

Freshly prepared food on the plates of the diners, the intimate atmosphere of the feast without the need for the hostess to leave to serve hot dishes to the table – these are the advantages that an easy-to-use kitchen apparatus has.

It is worth remembering that rakletnitsa requires caution in order to avoid burns.

What can be cooked with a rocket launcher

The taste of dishes prepared with a raclette dish is largely determined by the quality of the cheese used. Swiss cheeses are recommended, since the technology for their preparation takes into account the use in a processed form. Such a product is suitable for melting at low temperatures. Other types of cheese that can be used include Dutch, Emmental, Goat, Reblochon, Gruyère, Cheddar, and other easy-melting varieties.

swiss cheeses

Peeled potatoes, onions, pickled cucumbers are well suited for baking with cheese. Various vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, nuts, fruits are used. There are lovers of baking meat, sausages and seafood with cheese.

The process of preparing cheese casseroles is simple: the prepared ingredients in the right amount are placed in a frying pan, sprinkled with grated cheese, and sent for baking in a raclette bowl. Thus it is possible to prepare different types of raclettes: meat, vegetarian, sausage, seafood or egg.

Types of modern rakletnitsa

In stores you can find electrical appliances for making raclette of two types:

  • ordinary rocket launchers;
  • portion devices with a grill panel.

Classic variant

The usual apparatus for converting hard cheese into a viscous molten mass is simple. There is a stand to which it is attached. baking tray with built-in thermocouples. A large piece of cheese is laid out on a heated work surface, and the device turns on. Under the influence of heat from below, as when frying over an open fire, the product begins to melt. With a special spatula, the softened cheese mass is scraped off onto a plate with ingredients prepared for cheese.

classic raclette

An improved version of the usual raclette bowl is a thermal stand, on which several frying pans are located to soften individual portions of cheese.

Grilled raclettes

Manufacturers have taken into account the desire of users to prepare fillings for raclette at the same time as the process of softening the cheese. The raclette grill is a 2-tier apparatus, where the lower heated surface is designed to melt portions of cheese in special frying pans, and an electric grill is attached to the top.

The top panels can be made of metal with non-stick coating, natural stone or a combination material (metal + stone).

Combined raclette-grill
With the help of a grill device, you can fry steaks, homemade sausages or fish, bake vegetables. The compact design of the device allows you to save the hostess from the fussy running around to the kitchen during a family dinner or a friendly party to serve dishes to the table. Participants of the feast can prepare a portion of cheese and the desired filling for themselves. Moreover, the filling can be baked both with cheese and on top on the grill. Slices of tomatoes and pickled cucumbers, mushrooms, slices of sausage, olives, seafood are suitable as ingredients. The task of the hostess is to make serving convenient for the buffet table. And the time while the cheese is melting and the filling is fried can be spent in interesting communication.

Selection rules

Choosing the right appliance for the kitchen should be based on the intended use and budgetary possibilities. When choosing a rocket launcher, you should pay attention to the characteristics that are important during operation.

  1. Inexpensive models with a power of 400-500 W cook slowly. The cooking process is much faster on 1100-1500 W raclettes, but their cost is much higher. For reasons of optimal costs for the family budget, medium power devices are recommended – 600-1000 watts.
  2. Choose a model with the ability to adjust the temperature: moderately, medium heating and maximum hot mode.
  3. The cable length must be at least 1 meter, which is important for the mobility of the device.

Popular models of devices

Not all well-known brands of household appliances offer raclette dishes. Those who want to buy such a device may have difficulty choosing a brand and model. We offer a short review based on feedback from the owners of these gadgets, unusual for Russian cuisine.

Severin RG 2341

This device belongs to grilled raclettes and has a 2-tier combined surface. On top there is a natural stone for frying without oil and a metal corrugated frying pan, below the raclette bowl is equipped with 4 recesses for baking pancakes. The metal has a non-stick coating. The set comes with 8 serving pans for softening cheese. The device is equipped with a thermostat. Power consumption 1400 W, weight about 5 kg. The working surfaces are removable, which facilitates maintenance after using the device. The price is in the range of 3,000 – 4,000 rubles.

 Severin RG 2341

Atlanta ATH-176

A practical and convenient electrical appliance, designed for the needs of a small family, which is equipped with overheating protection. The working surface has a non-stick coating. For raclette, there are 2 portion molds with insulated handles. The power of the device is 400 W, the weight is slightly less than 1 kg. The cost is about 1,500 rubles.

Due to its compactness, this raclette bowl is suitable for romantic parties of a young couple, you can take it with you on a trip.

Atlanta ATH-176

Tefal RE 220712

In the model line of the popular French brand, there are several options for rectangular and round rocket launchers. The lower bar for the cost of devices is 4,500 rubles, the price depends on the level of equipment of the device. In user videos, the Tefal RE 220712 model is often described – this is a raclette round shape. It provides 6 molds for portioned softening of cheese. Non-stick triangular utensils have heat-insulated handles. There is also grill panel with a non-stick coating and a branded thermospot, signaling the readiness of the heated work surface to start the frying process. The device is equipped with a convenient spatula for removing the softened cheese mass. The power is 850 watts.

Recipes for cheese gatherings

Long winter evenings are conducive to organizing parties with friends. And on weekends, with the help of a rocket launcher, you can gather household members at the family breakfast table. Recipes for cooking with this machine are easy to find on the net. Many authors accompany the sequence of cooking culinary delights with visual photos.

For raclette, it is recommended to choose hard fatty cheeses that melt well.

hearty snack

Ingredients needed for 1 serving:

  • medium-sized boiled potatoes – 1 pc;
  • cheese – 200 grams;
  • pickled champignons – 2-3 pcs;
  • pickled cucumbers – 2-3 pcs;
  • tomatoes – 1 pc;
  • ham 50 grams;
  • onion 1 head.

Cut the ingredients into slices, lay out in portioned forms in layers. The top layer should be pieces of cheese. The frying pans are placed on the bottom panel of the raclette oven for baking, and bread toasts can be fried on the top panel at this time.

Raclette with seafood

For cooking, you will need shrimp, bell pepper or zucchini, tuna steak and 200 grams of good hard cheese. The ingredients, cut into pieces, should be grilled, then put into portioned raclette molds and covered with cheese slices, then sent to the raclette oven for baking.

Instrument care

For maintenance, the equipment must be disconnected from the mains, wait until the surfaces cool down after cooking. It is recommended to remove the panels, wipe with a napkin to remove food residues. Then you can wash it by hand and dry it or use the dishwasher for washing. When washing by hand, do not use metal sponges to avoid scratches. The body of the device must be wiped with a damp cloth.

If you want to surprise your guests and at the same time free yourself from tedious cooking, get a raclette bowl. This unusual device will allow you to cook hearty and simple dishes with an original serving.



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