Despite their reliability, electric ovens are a complex technical tool that, even with proper care and cleaning, can become unusable. Self-repair of such equipment is not a trivial task; this requires certain knowledge about the design of the device. Below we will consider common malfunctions of electric ovens and how to eliminate them.

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Problem Diagnosis

Finding out the causes of an oven malfunction is quite difficult, but knowing exactly where to look for the problem makes the task much easier. If we talk about classic models of the budget and mid-price segment, then you should pay attention to the following points.


First you need to try visually diagnose the problem: disconnect the equipment from the network, move it away from the wall, remove the back cover and inspect the wires for physical damage. It happens that mice gnaw through the rubber on the terminals, braid, etc. As a result, the wires can short out. For a more accurate diagnosis, you need to ring with a multimeter.

Checking the oven with a multimeter

heating element

You can get to the heating element yourself, since many manufacturers leave this opportunity for the average user. The specific steps should be described in the instruction manual. You can check the performance of the heating element using the same multimeter.


The heating element may not turn on if the timer is out of order. It is easy to diagnose a malfunction of mechanical devices: no specific ticking sound indicates a breakdown.

Important! A flashing diode or other indication will tell you about the failure of the digital timer: we check in the instructions for the oven in the “Sensors”, “Diagnostics” section or something similar.

Thermal relay

If the thermostat is constantly closed, then the heating element will work when the oven is turned on until it overheats.. Otherwise, the heating element will not be powered. The problem is solved by replacing the thermostat.

Hansa oven thermostat

Hansa oven thermostat

Mode toggle switch

Even the simplest models have several modes of operation, switching between which occurs through a special toggle switch. It is not difficult to determine the malfunction of a mechanical element: it stuck in one of the modes or scrolls along the entire axis without fixing.

Important! The failure of the digital toggle switch will also be indicated by the LED or the corresponding message on the display. The error code can be decoded using the instruction manual.

Do-it-yourself oven repair

If after turning on the indication on the device does not light up, then the first thing to do is check socketby connecting another electrical appliance to it, for example, a kettle. You also need to deal with stress. In a single-phase network, it should be 220 V, and if the oven is connected to three phases, then 380 V.

Connecting wires in the oven

Connecting wires in the oven

In a good half of cases, the cause of the lack of power is a damaged cable or terminals that have flown off the contacts. If necessary, you need to change the power cord and firmly fix the terminals in the slots or under the nuts. This area can be oxidized: we clean it and lay the wires in place.


Important! Before the procedure, it is imperative to disconnect the equipment from the network.

In places of contact with the toggle switch and thermal relay, as a rule, threaded connections pass. They must be tightened well, making sure that the terminals fit snugly against the elements. Sometimes it may be necessary to sand the joints if they have oxidized.

When in a contact group burned out one or more wires, then they need to be cleaned: we bite off the end of the burnt piece and expose the cable by 5-7 mm, after which we connect it to the terminal using pliers. If the wire turned out to be too short, then it is better to abandon the build-up and completely replace it. The integrity of individual parts of the wiring is easily checked with a multimeter.

heating element

Heating elements can be spiral, halogen or solid, depending on the specific model of the device. Classic ovens are equipped with two heating elements: one on top, the other on the bottom. Sometimes the heating elements are visible without opening the inner panels.

Checking the heating element with a multimeter

Checking the heating element with a multimeter

Important! A uniform and saturated red color indicates the health of the heating element. If black spots appear on it or the intensity of the glow has noticeably decreased, then it needs to be replaced.

Experts strongly recommend change two elements at once. The fact is that when one heating element fails for natural reasons (service life, active use), the second one also does not have long. It is better to overpay for a second heating element than to give solid money to service technicians for re-disassembling the equipment.

Temperature sensor

The situation when the oven does not work in the electric stove can very often be the result of problems with the operation of the temperature sensor. The main reasons for this error are:

  • damage to the power cord;
  • malfunctioning switches;
  • failure of the fan;
  • poor door seal.

Fan in the oven

Lack of nutrition may cause the oven to heat up insufficiently or not at all. Disconnect the stove from the mains and check the integrity of the cord that feeds the device. One or more small defects on the surface of the wire can undermine the operation of the entire system.

Due to the occurrence of a short circuit, the switch-regulator could fail, thereby paralyzing the operation of the oven. In order to make sure that the reason lies precisely in the breakdown of the switch, the following steps must be taken:

  • turn off the power supply to the stove;
  • turn the power adjustment knob first to the maximum and then to the minimum value;
  • when the upper and lower limits are reached, the switch should make a characteristic sound.

Oven control switch

To replace a broken switch with a new one, unscrew the back panel of the electric stove and replace the mechanisms.

Important: in order to remember the location of the wires and power switch knobs on your electric stove and not to confuse them in the future, sketch or photograph them schematically.

Fan failure – far from uncommon. But do not rush to immediately buy a new one and replace it. It is quite possible that in order to resume the functioning of the mechanism, it is enough to lubricate its internal parts, which eventually got used to each other.


The light bulb has a fairly long lifespan. If it is burned out, you must replace it with a new one. Information about the power and size of the plinth is indicated in the instruction manual for the oven. To replace, you must perform the following steps:

  • disconnect the equipment from the power supply;
  • remove the special protective cap;
  • replace the lamp as instructed in the instruction manual.

When buying a new backlight, it is worth considering such an important parameter as high temperature resistance. For most models, this figure is equivalent to 300 degrees.


Lamp in the oven


As mentioned above, a breakdown of the thermostat can be one of the reasons for the automatic shutdown of the electric oven. The consequence of the problem may be overheating of the oven, since there is no automatic shutdown when a certain temperature is reached. The way out of this situation can be a simple thermostat replacement. You can fix it yourself at home by following these steps:

  • disconnect the device from the mains;
  • remove the power control knobs;
  • loosen the fasteners and sketch the thermostat connection diagram;
  • replace thermostat;
  • tighten the control knobs to their original position.

It is important to understand that a thermostat and a power switch knob are completely different things. Consult with a specialist before buying new parts for your equipment.



Control Panel

One of the most important parts of the design of a modern Smart stove is the control panel. She oversees the food preparation process. automatic modehelping the hostess save her time. Failure of settings in the control board – the problem is quite rare, but sometimes it takes place. Self-repair is a complex process of diagnosing and configuring each element of the system.

As a rule, in such cases, they rarely buy a broken link and resort to a simple repair of the electric stove. The cost of buying new equipment is much higher than the cost of repairing it. If your stove is subject to repair, it makes no sense to overpay extra money.

Preventive measures

In order for the oven to last as long as possible, it is necessary to adopt a few recommendations. Most manufacturers indicate them in the instruction manual for the equipment. The tips are simple and will help to avoid many problems.

  1. Cleaning and other maintenance should only be carried out with equipment turned off.
  2. Use a soft cloth to clean the interior sections. Rigid brushes or metal sponges are noticeably better at dealing with burnt and grease residues, but at the same time leave deep scratches. And that opens the door to corrosion.
  3. To remove old fat, if such a mode is not provided for by local functionality, it is enough to heat the chamber to 50⁰С, turn off the equipment, and then wipe the surface with a slightly damp cloth.
  4. Before placing the dishes in a preheated oven, it must be wipe dry.
  5. Food in the freezer must be brought to room temperature before cooking.
  6. The viewing window is best washed with ordinary soapy water. Harsh chemistry can destroy the thermal spray, making the glass more sensitive to high temperatures.
Oven cleaning

Oven cleaning

If the equipment is clearly out of order: there is smoke, arbitrary shutdowns, insufficient temperature in the chamber or, on the contrary, excessive temperature, then it is better to disconnect the oven from the mains and troubleshoot. In the absence of experience, it is much more practical to entrust this matter to specialists.

Important! If the warranty period of the equipment has not yet expired, then any independent intervention by the user automatically deprives him of all service obligations on the part of the manufacturer. That is, you can not count on free repair or replacement of equipment.


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